I started 2013 with not many goals except to move on and go with the flow and i truly didn't think that i was going to end that year with many memories and achievements but boy was that far from it. 2013 was definitely one of my better years. The experiences, that i've encountered with jobs, partner, friends, travels, have definitely been my most learning insights. 

Recount of 2013:
  • My best friend Lucy and I, both who were single gals at the time, travelled Vietnam and Thailand together and found our independency and learnt how to be free once again 
  • The festivals that i've been to in 2013, especially Stereosonic have been the most magical moments and that magic was so strong i felt Euphoric
  • Travelled to Singapore with my best friends Aaron and Kevin for my 21st where i spent my last few days before turning the international legal age
  • The friends i've made this year through my partner definitely made me feel apart of a group. My close friends have been so busy this year that i felt sort of secluded and alone but the friends i've made during the end of 2013 made my year more exciting through the many adventures that we had gone through within the ending months of 2013. We all definitely learnt the meaning of YOLO at it's "peak"- We also learnt what 'no regrets' meant as well. 
  • Paul Adrian Le, my partner and best friend, have definitely, without ANY DOUBT, been the reason, as to how i got through 2013. I wouldn't have gotten through this year without him, his caring nature, and his love. I've been on the most amazing ride with this guy and wouldn't know what i'd do without him. We've been through so much and he has taught me so much, not only about the world but about myself
In saying that so, my resolution for 2013 was just to find myself first before i find my place. He has definitely helped me find myself and also through the friends i've made, my best friends and the experiences and travels i went through.
2013 was one rad year. Time for 2014: Resolution - To find my place.

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