• Obsessed with X Ambassadors' Unsteady
  • Still at agency but only once a week due to unnecessary hours at university
  • In saying that so, am currently living off savings
  • Looking to find flexible work hours as a cool bartender
  • Paying off millions of uncalled for toll fines - WHY DO I KEEP DOING THIS?!
  • Studying maths all over again for one of my units - have not touched maths since i dropped that subject in year 10
  • New found love for Junot Diaz through his book This Is How You Lose Her - some lines i highlighted:
  • -“And that's when I know it's over. As soon as you start thinking about the beginning, it's the end" 
  • -“but back then, in those first days, I was so alone that every day was like eating my own heart.” 
  • -"He used to sleep with my hair over his face. He used to say it made him feel safe"
  • Still can't get over the amazing experience of ASOT650 - something about travelling overseas with a bunch of friends to attend a festival and to indulge in music, that will send you nostalgic feelings off the radar later in your life
  • Maybe it was that trip to Malaysia for that festival or the just barely passed essay i just received back (i never just barely pass in my essays :(!..) but feeling very reluctant at life
  • Needing motivation
  • Still waiting for Peter Pan to take me to Neverland. 

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