"Put the rest of the weed in the grinder in the small clear box next to it then you can use it" - G
"Ok" "There's only a little bit in here" - K
"Yeah, i know. Just living that paycheck to paycheck life at the moment" - G
"At least you have a job" - K
"Yeah and it's all going to debts. I just paid off 3K to one car i hit and the other car i hit is still on the way" - G
"Been there done that" - K
"Yeah but not this much. And not all at once." - G
"The first time i had a paid job. My first month's paycheck went to my friend because i was driving his car when i hit the wall" - K
"When you worked at The Star?" - G
"Nah, Event Cinemas. Low paying job so that was hard" - K

2nd of December 2015, 10.58pm

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