"My mind wandered into a crazy realisation last night. It was like i tapped onto a loop that kept on looping. Anyways, i think i know why i suddenly gave up on religion when i was younger. I think it's because i found out that it was a lie; my family had just used the idea of religion as a cultural assimilation into the borders of Australia. I grew up believing in God and Jesus so much because as a child, i believed it connected my family. I went through all of it; the lunch and after school Catholic Club classes in Primary, had Holy Communion School and Ceremony, man, i even watched my brother get baptised? And of course, i later found out, and not because my mum or my dad told me, but because as a teenager, you grow to pick up truths along the way. I honestly just thought all about this last night. I felt like i was in so much denial when it came to religion and i had no idea why i was feeling that. It's crazy how we can bury unwanted memories so deep in denial that you sort of feel nothing about it." - R

5th of May 2016, 9.37pm

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