As each year passes, i start to grasp, feel and understand more of the value of my life and life in general. So just in a few sentences, here are some feelings i have experienced and understood in the past year.

  • When the heart yearns for culture and experiences
  • When the heart breaks because of the understanding of a father's woes and hardship
  • The confusion of religion
  • The thought of of religion
  • The hopefulness of religion again
  • How it feels to trek in snow up a mountain 
  • The lost of breath at the peak of that mountain
  • Freezing to hell in a blizzard
  • Love heart eyes at a city so full of views
  • Melting from shrooms in the most amazing sun baking day
  • Doubt of him and love
  • The feeling of giving up history for something i didn't realise understood but made me feel something nice
  • Pity for abused and ill treated animals in third world countries
  • The joy a pet brings
  • That road trip feeling driving around California
  • Vegas wasted
  • The hectic-ness of The Big Apple
  • The homey-ness of Toronto
  • The sickening hatred for the system after watching The Big Short
  • To be in so so so love again
  • How it feels to live a pay check to pay check life while juggling travel debt
  • Education accomplished 
  • Over joyed at your sister's wedding 
  • The pride of being a bridesmaid
  • Music rapture
  • When you dislike his friend
  • Regret of doing something that will somewhat benefit in the long run
  • The feeling of rack
  • Sacrifice of travel
  • More regret
  • The intense desire and ache for a Europe trip
  • Unnecessary detest for racial stereotypes
  • Wrinkles
  • When motivation dies every single week
  • The realisation that this community is living in such a microcosm
  • The realisation that this community has reached its limits on how much it can teach me
  • The strong want to leave this area and start all over 
  • Understanding of how annoying debt can be
  • The liberation felt when debt is cleared 
  • When you freeze at people on fire 
  • Understanding that some people are the way they are because of how they've been brought up
  • The problems i have are nothing compared to other people in the world
  • The realisation that i can't force my love for certain things on people 
  • The shock to understand why there was a sudden trend to have children early in my area
  • The realisation that people are allowed to choose if they want to have children and a family early
  • That crave and thirst for meat
  • That achievement in being able to not eat meat for a year
  • The deep wish to give everything to my parents and the hopelessness felt when i know i can't fulfil it because i am selfish
  • The cluelessness felt for politics
  • The anger at terrorism
  • The irritation at racism
  • Amazed at the advancement of technology
  • Understanding of how education has positively impacted my life
  • Motivation to build my own business and the realisation that i can do it
  • Not knowing what a few sentences is 

Happy Birthday River, 
Welcome to your mid 20s, Welcome to another era of experiences. 

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