"What made you do this?" - R
"Because i don't want to be working full time straight away. I just finished studying which took up most of my life. I want to enjoy being free for awhile now." - T
"I love that there's people like you with that mindset. It assures me that i shouldn't feel guilty for spending my time and money on travel and experiences and stressing if i should be working full time" - R
"Yeah no, most people in my grad year is working full time and they hate their life. Why would i do that to myself? There's so much in the world to see and do and feel than feel stressed at work. Life is more than that. People say i should because i should save and buy a house but.." - T
".. that's just not what we want in life right now." - R

6th of September 2016, 3.51pm

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