So at beach house..
On one of the hotter days, we went to the beach and took Gilbert with us. Completely not considering  how small Gilbert is and his capacity to take the heat (not good). He had a heatstroke and it was awful to watch because it is like watching your child suffering and being helpless.
Anyways, half the guys took him home first and i came an hour later. Came in the house and screamed, HIS HAIR!. He looked like a stray cat. These guys have gone and cut off all of Gilbert's hair, unevenly. Well Patrick cut his hair but i blame everyone who let it happen too. I'll let it go though, because it was all done out of good intentions to help with the heatstroke (Also it was Patrick's Birthday hahah). Can't be mad when they were helping. Gilbert's super again and now we have this funny story to tell.

Anyways beach house was such a much needed getaway from all this limbo with various jobs and job interviews i'm going through currently.

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